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The Greek Demon (Greek Mythology)

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Greek Demon
Completely unkillable 9-headed canine monster

A demon with nine indestructible serpent heads and deadly poisonous blood, HYDRA was another nasty spawning from TYPHON and ECHIDNA…

The Labors of Heracles
Episode 2: The Lernean Hydra
After defeating the NEMEAN-LION, it was off to the Lake of Lerna the place the 9-headed serpent HYDRA lurked. This time HERACLES took his nephew Iolaus alongside for a bit of firm.

He soon found that bashing the HYDRA’s heads with his club did not do a lot good. At any time when a head was knocked out, it instantly grew again again. Time for a cunning plan.

Being considerably swampy, Iolaus was in yellow batman shirt malaysia a position to assemble reeds and twist them into firebrands. With a bit of ignition, they tried a slash-and-burn approach with great yellow batman shirt malaysia success. Cauterization seemed to do the trick the place new heads have been concerned and the monster was quickly dispatched.

Nonetheless, there was one left-over lopped-off head which refused to die. yellow batman shirt malaysia So HERACLES buried it and hoped no-one would discover.

Not one to waste anything, he dipped some of his arrowheads in pools of HYDRA’s left-over venom. This made them very deadly indeed. Sooner or later he would regret doing that.

Next Episode: The CERYNEIAN-HIND…

Identify : HYDRA
Pronunciation : Coming soon
Alternative names : None known
Location : Historic Greece
Gender : Male
Type : demon

Accountable for : Unknown at present
God of :
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