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Ought to Cyborg Be Within the Justice League Movie Or A Teen Titans Movie

Men's Ban Logo Cotton Long Sleeve T-ShirtCyborg has solely been attention-grabbing on the Titans, so ship him again there and convey John Stewart back to Justice League.

Cyborg won’t ever be treated like an adult anyway. Just take a look at how Johns writes him in Justice League–as a kid who lost his junk with no personality.

Plus, in relation to his staff mates (like Batman who womens robin shirt 150 can have an exo-go well with), the villains (exo-swimsuit Lex and Android Metallo), and other franchises popping out (Terminator, Robosop, Transformers), Cyborg simply appears generic. Heck, there are Cyborgs in actual life.

John is a more fascinating and developed character and his skills stand out amongst his staff mates. He’s additionally a greater rep for people who seem like womens robin shirt 150 us, if I do say so myself. He is intact, strong, brave, and positive of himself. He would not blindly follow orders. And he has cool friendships with Batman and Flash.

I would say, make Flash and GL the audience perspective for Justice League, with a creating friendship between the 2 as the center of it. John Stewart as the marine Green Lantern sent by the Guardians to judge the threat womens robin shirt 150 stage of the three, and Barry Allen or Wally West as the rookie superhero used to playing farm leagues in Central City, who’s in awe of the trinity.