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How Do I Handle Actual Frizzy Curly Hair

How do i manage real frizzy curly hair
i would like tender curly hair…not dry frizzy ones… and if i want to straighten my hair ..which is the safest technique in order that i dont lose a lot hair

use hair cream!
the identical factor you do to tame your frizzy hair beneath your waist. Shave it!

wish I had that drawback!!!!
Strive a “hair serum” like frizz ease, or isoplus. For straightening, you could try giving your self a wrap and protecting with the puffy blow dry cowl for 30-forty minutes. I put on my hair naturally curly throughout the summer and straight in the fall. And I discovered this product called “Wet and Wavy” at this mom n’ pop magnificence supply store. It is the best product I’ve discovered to maintain my curls from wanting frizzy. Possibly you would strive water falls hair style that too.

John Fredia has a mass variety of Frizz Ease products that work really well, to give you cute curly hair, and the safest technique to straighten your hair, i’d recommend Tresumme’s heat spray. You spray it on earlier than you straighten your hair, and it protects it from damgage, and works actual well

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use or apply further virgin olive oil before you wash your hair. depart it for about 15 minutes bfore you utilize shampoo. Never forget to use conditioner.

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