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Loki Was Technically Not A God

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Zeus and Thor are very alike. They’re each thunder and lightning gods. Zeus is from greek mythology and Thor is from Norse. They each have other ways of creating lightning. Zeus throws lightning together with his naked fingers. Thor makes use of a really highly effective hammer that returns to him every time he loses it.
Athena and Odin
Odin, god of the skies, gave up an eye to drink out of a magical well of knowledge. Athena, goddess of wisdom and battle strategy, was born straight out of her fathers, Zeus, cracked skull. Odin gave his wisdom to the humans in Norway. Athena kept her wisdom to the gods. The fourth day of the week, Wednesday, is named for Odin. Athena got here up with the thought of the olive tree and gave it to the people. In flip, the individuals named their metropolis Athens after Athena.
I’ll now clarify to you what I’m doing. Everyone knows that in a time earlier than our technology, there have been myths about gods in virtually all cultures. I myself am very interested by mainly Greek and Norse myths. Now, I will compare both worlds together.
Baldur and Apollo
Baldur was a sweet and loving god who was the most loved god in Asgard (home to Norse gods). Baldur was the god of light and peace. Apollo was the god of light and music. Baldur had a dream that he would die so his mom Frigga traveled the universe making each dwelling and non dwelling factor promise not to harm him. She forgot one plant nevertheless, the mistletoe. Loki who was all the time making bother for the Aesir came upon and used it to kill Baldur. Apollo didn’t die. However his little brother, Hermes, stole his herd of cows when Hermes was but 1 and sentenced to court.
Hermod and Heracles
We all know the story about the great, mighty Heracles and his 12 hard, slavering labors. But little people know the story of Hermod. Hermod was a warrior god of Norse mythology. He was Baldurs half brother. Odin gave Hermod his eight-legged horse, Steipmur, to go get Baldur back from Hel, the underworld. Hermod made an change with, the goddess of dying, Hela for Baldurs soul. Hela requested that each residing factor shed one tear for Baldur. All residing issues agreed. Besides one. An outdated hag giantess saying that she by no means favored Baldur. Thus Baldur was not freed from Hel. The giantess was the evil Loki in disguise. These great warriors were greatly rewarded with these great deeds.
Hades and Hela
Hades was the oldest of the big three with Poseidon and Zeus who was the youngest. Hades and Hela were gods of the underworld in each of their cultures. Hela lived all alone in an icy Hel. Hades lived in a deep dark fiery cave beneath the earth the place he had been banished by his brothers. Hades had a spouse named Persephone who lived within the underworld for six months out of the 12 months. Hela generally forgot to shut the doorways of Hel and the souls escaped to haunt individuals on earth. Hades wore a darkish gown manufactured from souls and an invisibility helmet.
Loki and Hermes
Loki was technically not a god. Hermes was an actual god. Most of you know about the Thor movies and the Avenger movies. This is not that kind of Loki. He is not as handsome as Tom Hiddleston. This “god” of mischief was far worse. Hermes was extra of a playful than vengeful god star wars t shirt boys but in addition the god of mischief. As punishment for tormenting the Aesir Loki was chained to a rock beneath a snake which had venom dripping from its mouth into Loki’s eyes. Hermes lived on Mt. Olympus with gods and was not punished for his deeds.
Niord and Poseidon
Poseidon was the god of horses and of the ocean. Niord was the Norse god of the ocean. Though Niord was a part of a second group of gods, he helped keep peace between the Aesir and the Vanir. Niords youngsters,Frey and Freya,moved to become the goddess of Love and wonder and the god of Rain and Sunshine. Poseidon is my favourite god due to the Percy Jackson books. Poseidon created the horses out of sea foam. As you possibly can see, they appear very comparable.
Hera and Frigga
Frigga was the goddess of marriage in Norse myths. She also was the favourite wife of Odin. Hera was the goddess of marriage in greek myths. She was married to Zeus, who in turn, was never faithful to her. He at all times ran off with different women and had tons of of youngsters with the tons of of ladies he had affairs with. Hera was very vengeful on these women and their children. Frigga, nonetheless, never received jealous over Odins different wives or his other kids. Hera signal was a peacock and Friggas signal was gold thread.

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