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Jericho is a superhero and an Honorary Titan.
History Edit

Jericho is apparently mute and lives a life of solitude atop a flowery mountain summit in Tibet. At first look, he seems far too peaceful for combat.

Persona Edit
Almost nothing is truly revealed about Jericho’s character, however we will conclude that he is an innocent, caring and type-hearted pacifist who would not particularly take pleasure in preventing and violence. Nonetheless, when a crisis is at hand, Jericho will combat with stunning skill.

Look Edit
Jericho has lime inexperienced eyes and blonde hair, with two locks framing his face. Note that they don’t seem to be aspect star trek polo shirt burns in this adaptation. His outfit consists of a protracted-sleeved white shirt underneath a purple tunic with a gold belt, black pants and purple boots. There are also golden braces connected to the ends of his sleeves and the tops of his boots.

Powers Edit
Character Facts Edit

File:Jericho Teen Titans.jpg
Slade’s son. A relationship to Slade within the animated series, nonetheless, is never mentioned or explored. The explanation that Jericho can’t converse is as a result of a childhood incident damaged his vocal cords. This same incident led to Slade shedding his right eye.
Within the comics, Jericho was possessed by the essence of Trigon and turned on the Titans, forcing Slade to kill him. He then takes over Slade’s body right as he is killed and later, comes back to battle the Titans. He claims that the Titans was too dangerous for youngsters, since he, himself died as a Titan, and cripples Child Flash as a message to the Titans.
In the comics Jericho fell in love with fellow Teen Titan member Kole. After coming again from a mission in outer house with some of the other members, he found out about Kole’s demise during the first Crisis, which affected him drastically. He also had a brief relationship with Raven.
Jericho’s love of music can also be shown in the comics, as he spent a variety of his free time taking part in the guitar, together with performing at some places.
Jericho was introduced again to life in the current model of the Teen Titans DC mainstream comics with a new body but, for some motive, he nonetheless uses sign language to communicate.
Within the Teen Titans Go! comedian “Pieces of Me,” Jericho uses his powers to place Raven’s scattered Emoticlones again together. The fusion process he applies might be an extent star trek polo shirt of his regular power or, extra possible, the Emoticlones’ minds work in a different way from their normal hosts.
Jericho (together with Kyd Wykkyd) is the one character in Teen Titans to be mute (except when he is controlling people).

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