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Batman Movie Massacre

If “crazy” had a picture in the dictionary THIS can be it!!! SMH…
Meet Men’s TNBA Two Face The Dark Knight Cotton Long Sleeve T Shirts James E. Holmes, the man accused of happening a wild shooting rampage in a packed movie theater during a midnight premiere of the new Batman film.

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Holmes made his first court appearance this morning (Monday, July 23, 2012), lastly giving the general public a glimpse of the 24-yr-previous former doctoral candidate since his arrest moments after the gunfire ended early Friday.

Showing dazed and confused, the man who recognized himself to police as “The Joker,” dressed in a maroon jumpsuit over a white T-shirt, along with his hair dyed varied shades of orange.

Holms sat in court docket without blinking for long periods and at times, his eyes star trek haynes manual t shirt fluttered, then squeezed tight and reopened in a blank stare. He gave little indication that he was being attentive to the courtroom procedure that ended with assurances that he will continue to be held without bond.