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“Batman V Superman” Would be the Origin Of Superman & Lex Luthor’s Rivalry

When “Man of Steel” star Henry Cavill reprises his role as Superman in “Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice,” his character might be in a much totally different place. As Cavill revealed in an interview with Empire Magazine, his character might be investigating Batman for The Day by day Planet and shacking up with Lois Lane after we first see him in Warner Bros.’ upcoming DC Cinematic Universe installment. Additionally, the film will develop Superman and Lex Luthor’s growing animosity towards one another.

New “Batman v Superman” Images Spotlight Batman’s Apocalyptic Vision, Doomsday & Extra
“Clark knows who this Lex Luthor chap is, but he certainly wouldn’t assume that he had any bad intentions,” Cavill defined. Because it turns out, nonetheless, Lex Luthor might be working with Batman with the intention to take Superman down.

“Rather than just ‘Alien v Predator,’ the place you may have two monsters and they’re gonna struggle, you’ve got two people who actually, truly consider they are doing something heroic and obligatory of their battle,” added Ben Affleck, who will play Batman opposite Cavill’s Superman.

Men's Bane Print Long Sleeve T ShirtsClark power rangers megaforce t shirt quote Kent will even be dwelling with Lois Lane when the film begins. power rangers megaforce t shirt quote “It’s not a standard relationship. How may it’s Considered one of them is an alien,” Cavill mentioned. What’s more, he adds how Lois’ penchant for getting to the bottom of a story despite personal risk is “messing” with Superman, who struggles with prioritizing her safety over everyone else’s.

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