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DCEU Aquaman Vs MCU Ironman

Tony has a strong probability at taking spherical one if he can use his firepower to place Arthur down earlier than he can attain the shoreline. The second Arthur touches water, Tony is….rhymes with ducked. Either he’ll go in after Arthur which is the worst possible idea or Arthur can outmaneuver him until he can leap out and drag Tony under. I’ll give Tony a 6/10 likelihood of winning. Range, firepower, and aerial mobility give him the edge.

Men's Star Wars Stormtrooper Print Long Sleeve T-ShirtSpherical 2 with out flight Tony’s most likely getting tagged with a lethal quindent toss or Aquaman simply grabs him pinkes shirt and beats him to death. Tony needs his flight to create sufficient distance to take down Aquaman. He has the sting in firepower however contemplating the sturdiness of Arthur and the punishment he can take (ocean strain, hurricanes that may destroy ships, taking hits from Superman and Steppenwolf) It’s in all probability gonna take a superb amount of artillery to take him out. His reflexes are fairly good too. Arthur was preventing and plucking parademons out the pinkes shirt sky whereas free falling and holding his personal towards Steppenwolf who might take on a number of Amazons solo and catch a missile mid-flight. Tony does have some loopy firepower so he might take out Aquaman relying on how resistant to bullets Aquaman is. I would give this one to Aquaman 7/10. without the mobility edge from flight for Tony, it would be too easy for Arthur to catch him and tear him apart.

Round 3…. c’mon. Aquaman 10/10. Tony can’t keep up. All Arthur has to do is dodge and either lure or drag Tony to the deeper depths. His tech with get screwed and his visibility will only get worse while Arthur will still be a beast.