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Spider Man IS Peter Parker

Merely put, when folks discuss Spiderman they’re fascinated about Peter Parker, not Kylo_Ren anyone else. Spider Man IS Peter Parker, in the same way that Batman is Bruce Wayne, and not Jean-Paul Valley.

Miles Morales is simply not the same navy bape t shirt kind of draw as Peter Parker, and that is what you need in a summer blockbuster movie.

Further, Miles is not from customary Marvel continuity, he is from Earth-1610 continuity, that means he is an alternate Spider Man at finest. That makes him even much less interesting and logical to make use of, except you need MCU to be set in Earth-1610 already.

Now earlier than you argue that they’re utilizing Earth-1610 continuity as a result of MCU used Black Nick Fury (who is not Earth-616 but from the Earth-1610 Ultimate continuity), consider that if you want to use Miles Morales, you’d really have to set Women’s Catwoman Transparent by Asthonx1 on DeviantArt Printed Long Sleeve T-Shirt it up. Miles didn’t come navy bape t shirt out of a vacuum, bitten by a radioactive spider. His origin was being bitten by the spider in a world the place Peter Parker Spider Man already existed.

Thus, utilizing Miles from the get go in Civil Conflict in Spider Man’s debut look in MCU would really feel extra pressured than something, simply utilizing him for the sake of utilizing Miles than making any type of actual sense.

Miles may show up later, but only after he meets Peter Parker and Peter dies, it would have navy bape t shirt to be its own origin story altogether. Miles meeting Peter and following his example is the crux of Miles’ character, in the same way that Peter letting a criminal go to kill his uncle was the crux of his character.