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Interview With A Cosplayer (Who’s Cosplayed As A Vampire) Nerd HQ

100% Cotton Avengers Hulk Short Sleeve Custom Summer Children's T-shirtOn Memorial Day weekend, Might 25 by means of May 28, Megacon will happen in Orlando, FL. MegaCon Orlando is the Southeast’s largest comics, sci-fi, horror, anime, and gaming occasion. At the convention, you’ll be able to peruse distributors, take footage and get autographs from huge-title celebrities, purchase art and books from artists and authors, and take footage with any of an military of cosplayers. I’m sitting down with a kind of cosplayers at this time: Amy Nicole Cosplay.

Scott from Nerd HQ (NHQ): How are you right this moment, Amy
Amy Nicole Cosplay (ANC): Improbable.

NHQ: For the non-nerds who is likely to be studying this interview, what precisely is “cosplay ” Is there a difference between a cosplayer and somebody who’s simply dressing up in a costume

ANC: Powerful query right off the bat! I feel the reply most likely differs marvel hawkeye sweatshirt quote depending on who you ask, however since you’re asking me, cosplay is typically considered a mixture of the phrases “costume” and “play.” It’s mainly dressing up as a personality from any variety of genres as a present of love for the fandom. I feel somebody dressing up in a costume could not essentially be a cosplayer, however a cosplayer is actually somebody dressing up in a costume.

NHQ: So, wait, is “cosplay” a verb or a noun, or each
ANC: I’ve heard it used as each, though more commonly as a verb. Normally, you’ll hear, “I’m going to cosplay such and such,” but cosplayers also sling it around as a noun like, “Let me pack this final cosplay for the convention.”

NHQ: How did you begin on the earth of cosplay Is it something you’ve started relatively lately or did you begin once you had been little, dressing up as, say, Wonder Girl

ANC: Mentally, it began when my mother let me be She-Ra for Halloween. She made me the outfit and sword. I was like 5. I started taking it seriously at Supercon in 2013. At first, I assumed it would be stupid, but then decided to offer it a shot. After creating and sporting my costume for the primary day, I believed it was superior and the remainder is cosplay history.

NHQ: You’ll be attending all 4 days of Megacon this year, appropriate
ANC: I’ll really be attending Friday by means of Sunday. I’ll be cosplaying, however not at a booth.

NHQ: I’ve seen you at several events up to now: charity events, past Megacons. How many events do you do a yr

ANC: Last yr I did round 20 by myself or in teams. I do my very own stuff and I’m part of a few teams including being an admin for a gaggle known as Florida Con-Artists (on Fb, Twitter, and Instagram). We cosplay together at smaller conventions and that i help them do cosplay-related occasions. We’ve already performed four occasions this 12 months. I’m additionally a part of a gaggle known as Workforce Firestorm with Havok Cosplay out of Fort Myers in South Florida (on Fb and Instagram), which does more aggressive cosplay.

NHQ: What’s the furthest you’ve ever travelled for a convention
ANC: Epicon in Albany, Georgia.

NHQ: I’ve seen you cosplaying as Black Widow, Sally Jupiter from Watchmen, Lara Croft, Elektra, and a feminine Punisher. Do you know how many various characters you’ve cosplayed

ANC: I’ve achieved fifty one completely different cosplays.
NHQ: This may be like asking you to select your favorite baby, however is there any explicit character that you really get pleasure from cosplaying

ANC: I wish to cosplay because the badass chicks…the ones that may hold with the guys. I’d somewhat cosplay someone with a weapon than one that’s simply fairly. For example, I really like being Lady Sif, Lara Croft, Black Canary, Black Widow, and Elektra.

NHQ: What would you say is your “hottest” costume And since we’re in Florida, I imply that literally…what cosplay is the toughest to put on as a result of it will get so hot

ANC: Probably Black Widow. It doesn’t appear like so much, but the go well with materials doesn’t breathe effectively, she’s acquired gear in every single place, and her super-thick wig tends to bump every thing up just a few degrees.

NHQ: Do you make your personal costumes, or do you buy most of them, or does somebody make them for you
ANC: I largely make my own, but sometimes I’ll purchase components if it’ll save time or give me a better start line.

NHQ: Is cosplaying one thing you do for a living, or are you want Clark Kent, with a “cover” job that hides your secret identity Do you know marvel hawkeye sweatshirt quote anyone who does it full time

ANC: No, my “real life” job is crime scene investigator. I do know people who do it full time. There are ways to do it, however it’s one extreme or one other.

NHQ: I know a number of other cosplayers that seem to seem at every occasion in Florida and Georgia, like Cecil Grimes. Is the cosplay community principally friendly, aggressive, or is it really cutthroat…like dueling Rick Grimes getting in fist fights at a convention

ANC: It depends upon the people you encompass yourself with. While there’s a serious side to aggressive cosplay, the individuals in my con family have been supportive and friendly, which has allowed me to do more group cosplay.

NHQ: Can you recall a very cool experience you’ve had at a convention
ANC: That’s laborious as a result of I’ve had so many cool moments with attendees. At one convention, though, we had an artist next to our sales space. Jason Momoa came up to her sales space procuring and bought every little thing with a selected image on it that he preferred. The artist couldn’t snap an image, so I took one for her and despatched it to her. She was super pleased about that.

NHQ: On the flip aspect, I’m positive you’ve had not less than couple uncomfortable experiences at a convention. As an alternative of asking you about them, straight up, let’s use them as a educating C-3PO second. If there’s any recommendation you possibly can present cosplayers at a convention or attendees at a convention in terms of cosplayers, what would you tell them

ANC: For attendees, when meeting cosplayers, don’t contact their weapons! Also, please come up and talk to me as an alternative of staring at me; I won’t chunk! I’ll gladly take an image; there’s no must try to snipe a picture or be sneaky about it. Critically, I can completely see you when you’re attempting to sneak an image on the escalator. I’m more than pleased to take an image with anybody, simply come up and ask. To the cosplayers, to avoid horror stories, do your homework a couple of con earlier than you go. Additionally, consider the costume within the surroundings. For example, if you’re carrying comic guide character cosplay to an anime convention, you might not get the reception you want. Lastly, in environments like Florida, be conscious of the weather. It’s at all times sizzling; keep that in mind.

NHQ: One factor I’ve at all times talked to my pals about is the whole “cosplay isn’t consent” campaign. It seems that almost all convention goers are fairly cool folks. Do you’ve gotten quite a lot of points with convention goers getting too “touchy feely” with you

ANC: I have. Cosplayers are, ironically, the worst about this. Not less than two or three times a convention I must admonish somebody about invading my private area.

NHQ: On a associated be aware, it looks as if some cosplayers (or people who are just dressing up) are simply doing it so they can gown up in provocative costumes and showcase as much as attainable. Do you simply shake your head at those folks or do see all cosplayers as equal

ANC: That’s another powerful question…I really feel like there’s a typical floor between us all, but I believe everybody gets something different out of cosplay. There’s nothing unsuitable with that, however you may be after something different than I am. A bit recommendation for some cosplayers is to take into account that some people are kinda imply and depending on what you wear, you is perhaps drawing the fallacious sort of consideration.

NHQ: Do you’ve got any costume ideas that you simply tried that simply didn’t pan out Such as you tried on the costume and have been like, “Ugh, I’m not pulling this off ”

ANC: (Laughs) All of them! No, I’ve made a number of that I needed to redo or scrap. I began Aquaman and had a tough time finishing it as a result of there weren’t any pictures of him from the waist down obtainable but. So, I had to put that on hold till I had a chance to look at photos of his full body armor.

NHQ: So, are there any costumes you could have within the wings Or do you not want to spoil anything
ANC: (Laughs) I have a list on my phone of about 30 that I’m engaged on. As for main stuff, Havok Cosplay does an epic Ghost Rider with full flaming motorbike. I’ll be taking on some extra armor building to create a female version of Mephisto from Marvel Comics for a staff up with his Rider. I’m additionally fortunate sufficient to be grouped with some very talented cosplayers for two upcoming Pokemon crossover teams that ought to be fairly show stopping.

NHQ: Are you actually a nerd at coronary heart What are your favourite nerdy indulgences Nerdy hobbies
ANC: Sure. The entire Marvel Cinematic Universe, comics, Tv shows, conventions. Star Wars. D&D. Magic: The Gathering. I’m additionally a science nerd.

NHQ: I requested earlier about recommendation to convention goers about interacting with cosplayers. You attend a bunch of conventions; do you’ve any advice for attending conventions, on the whole Particularly Megacon

ANC: Be affected person. Florida is going to be hot and crowded and you’re going be in long traces. Know you’re going to have to put up with that. Even meals vendors are going to have traces. In the event you accept it early, it won’t be that unhealthy.

NHQ: Anyone you’re looking ahead to meeting at this year’s Megacon
ANC: It was Jeffrey Dean Morgan till he cancelled. I’m also looking forward to seeing James Marsters along with Nicholas Brendan and Eliza Dushku. It’s going to be powerful to see quite a lot of them because we’ll be so busy.

NHQ: If folks wish to work together with you, what are some ways they’ll accomplish that
ANC: I’m on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram; you will discover me on all of them beneath Amy Nicole Cosplay. I’m good about responses, so I will message you back…even if you’re a jerk, I’ll not less than take the time to inform you so! If someone takes the time to message me, I’ll message them again. When you see me at a convention, please come say hi – I really like meeting folks I’ve interacted with in real life.

NHQ: Properly, one final query before we go. If you could give any advice to little boys or girls (or large boys or girls, I guess) that need to cosplay, however are shy or don’t know how to get a cool costume, what recommendation would you give them

ANC: Cease speaking about it and simply do it! Decide a character that you assume is practical for you (and that i imply that logistically; like, it won’t be tremendous-sophisticated to place collectively). If you purchase the costume, I problem you to attempt marvel hawkeye sweatshirt quote to make one a part of it yourself to make it unique. Go from there.

NHQ: Before we go, anything or anyone you’d like to present a shout out to
ANC: Major thanks to my family, particularly my dad, for all the time nurturing my inside geek, and to my pals, followers, and crew for by no means judging me in my weirdness! I like you all!

NHQ: I really appreciate you taking the time to chat with me. I look forward to seeing who you’ll be cosplaying at this year’s Megacon. Thanks, Amy!