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Since my recent setback for which my overzealous lathering up with herbal essences good day hydration shampoo is partially to blame, I’ve been on the hunt for a gentler manner to wash my hair. I have been utilizing the hello hydration shampoo for a little over a year and by no means seen the striping effect. Most likely as a result of I always washed my hair with a watered down mixture of the shampoo. I’d mainly squirt a couple of drops of the shampoo into a bowl of water and wash my hair with the mixture. Nonetheless, this time, for some reason I applied the shampoo directly to my hair without diluting, lathered, rinsed and was left with striped, tangled, dried out strands. Even after repeatedly conditioning my hair, it still felt striped, dry and tangled. I used to be eventually able to detangle my hair using the tactic described on this put up hair woes..

Grade 8A Brazilian Remy Virgin Deepwave Hair 5 bundles Hair Extensions Natural Black 500gAfter this experience, I had no intention of utilizing the hi there hydration shampoo once more.. and so started my hunt for a gentle non striping different. My search led me to the apparently well known and broadly mentioned baking soda wash (for cleansing) and apple cider vinegar (for conditioning) routine.

Baking soda does a three issues: It cleans your hair, ‘thickens’ it by coating the strands and opens up the cuticle to let moisture in

Apple cider vinegar removes construct up, conditions your hair and closes the cuticle (trapping moisture and making your hair smoother and shinier)

So that is how it works:
– Make your baking soda mixture. Completely different people do that in different ways. Some use a teaspoon of baking soda in 3 cups of water, some use a cup of baking soda in a cup of water. I guess it’s important to experiment to determine what works for you. I went with a heaped tablespoon of baking soda in 2 cups of water

– Pour the baking soda mixture on your hair and scalp and gently scrub your scalp
– Make your apple cider vinegar mixture. Once more, different folks use different ratios. I making a wig with closure exploit a mixture that is 1 half ACV and a pair of parts water. So a cup of acv and a couple of cups of water.

– Pour the mixture on your hair
(I wouldn’t advocate detangling at this point as a result of the mixture doesn’t give your hair any slip)

– Rinse completely
– Dry
(I usually air dry)

I discovered that the odor of the acv disappeared as soon as my hair was dry. My hair appeared thicker, was easier to detangle, simpler to comb by means of and really smooth.

– My hair appeared thicker (I know that is faux thickness as the baking soda coats and fills out the strands making them seem thicker.. Nevertheless, it’s good enough for me particularly as thicker strands = easier detangling)
– My hair was smooth and had a sheen to it. (It wasn’t super shiny however had a pleasant lustre)
– Cheap

– The time it takes to make the mixtures. (It’s a weak con however a con nonetheless)
– Figuring out what to do with my stash of shampoos and conditioners..

Have you tried cleansing and conditioning with baking soda and ACV What was your expertise with it

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