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Decoding The ‘Batman V Superman’ Trailer

Doomsday as he appeared in ‘Smallville’ (Warner Bros. Television)
Men's Batman Joker Custom Long Sleeve T-ShirtFor BvS, Lex Luthor has secured the corpse of Zod and apparently makes use of the slain villains DNA to Frankenstein Doomsday.

Despite fans clamoring for a Doomsday showdown in the new film, there has been considerable blowback about the cinematic model, with Twitter wags comparing him unfavorably to The Incredible Hulk’s Abomination and The Lord of Rings’ troll, among others, per Business Insider.

@JPeterPhillips @groonk This “Doomsday” looks like a variety of characters…

Why is the Cave troll from lord of the rings playing Doomsday within the lana del rey floral shirt mens #BatmanvSuperman movie #ThatsAwful

Aside from Doomsday, there’s a hint within the trailer that Superman, Batman, Wonder Lady and their tremendous associates have a showdown with one other otherworldly menace of their future.

The insectoid creatures that briefly swoop in when Batman is tangling with some troopers in a desert-like environment are generally known as Parademons, the advanced troops of Darkseid (they’re not unlike the Wicked Witch’s flying monkeys, only far deadlier).

Parademons herald Darkseid’s arrival in the new 52’s ‘Justice League’ (DC)
A longtime antagonist within the DC Universe, Darkseid is much like Marvel’s Thanos — a godlike galactic being whose pasttimes embody wanton destruction and who harbors an outsized grudge in opposition to Earth and its superheroes.

Darkseid as he seems within the comics (DC)
Whereas there was no affirmation of Darkseid’s (pronounced “Darkside”) presence in BvS, he has long been rumored to be a villain worthy sufficient for the upcoming Justice League teamup films, which, along with the Trinity, may also feature Aquaman, the Flash, and Cyborg.

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice arrives March 25. The first Justice League movie is due in 2017.

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