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Feels like A Secondary Fungal Infection

This may very well be a fungus, however it could also be a bacterial condition called Columnaris. You can usually tell the difference because Columnaris has a more circular define whereas fungus is irregular. Among the finest medications for Columnaris is Nifurpirinol. See if your fish retailer has Furanace or Binox, both of which have this as an ingrediant.

Remy Human Hair Bodywave 4x4 Free Part Lace Top Closures Hair 10-16 Inch Black To Red Ombre ColorThe fungus normally only assaults a fish as a secondary infection, if the fish is weakened, or has an harm.

See this hyperlink for extra information about each circumstances (the fungus is called Saprolegniasis within the hyperlink):

Seems like a secondary fungal infection. Treat with Mardel’s Maracyn Two.
it seems like ick. go to a local pet store and ask for fugus remedy or better yet medtcine for ick.

I should agree with copperhead and fivespeed. It’s not how to do lace closure ick. Ick seems to be like little grains of salt on the body of the fish. Appears like Columnaris or a fungal infection. Do you recall if the fish had a wound where the “hair” is growing now If so, another possibility, although distant, is Saprolegnia, a water “mold” that is definitely a sort of protist.

he’s going to die. My fish had this before and he died within half a day. It’s definately fungus. Get him out of the tank if you have other fish! It is a serious illness! Get some medication from a petstore, or simply sadly, watch him die. Everyone dies ultimately…

go to the vet
It might be mold, i’d clean the tank and see if the furr comes off the fish by trying the scratch it of gently, it it doesnt then this fish might be growing a moustache, lol. good luck

what the heck
IT HAS ICK IT A FUNGAL Illness GO TO THE PET Retailer AND They’ve Medication FOR IT

It sounds like a case of ..Ick..! You’ll be able to ask the fish supervisor at the store where you got the fish what to do, but another thing is….change the water, get the temperature up to 83, flip OFF the sunshine (Ick wants mild to grow), and when the fish starts to look higher, clear the tank really well, once more. Keep doing this til the fish is well. This works better than the Ick meds that you can buy…they “dye” the water, and every little thing in it!!

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