Everyone Batman Kills In Batman V Superman In one Video

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice was heavily criticized for just a few issues, one being the brutality of Zack Snyder’s Batman.

Ben Affleck’s Dark Knight does not appear too preoccupied with minimizing casualties, and a helpful new video from Folding Concepts puts his actions into a pleasant tied bow. The video chronicles each single demise at Batman’s fingers, from ones inflicted by the batmobile (like the poor guy hanging on to the truck) and ones in hand handy fight (of which there are many). As soon as the cataloging is finished there is a good analysis of why, or better yet if, that tally matters.

You can find the video above.

Up next for DC Movies is the anticipated Justice League, which many hope will correct some of the missteps of Batman v Superman. You will discover the official description for the movie under.

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