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How To save lots of The DC Cinematic Universe

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I’ve all the time felt that where Marvel has the edge with their cinematic universe is continuity. Everyone is aware drug free shirt of that RDJ is Iron Man, for instance. When Ezra Miller was cast as Barry Allen, a lot of people voiced there opinion of how properly Grant Gustin was doing as Barry and why they weren’t casting him within the position instead. Due to this, we’ve a mish-mash of different people taking part in the identical role. How many Batmen have we had at this level And how many times has his origin story been shown on screen I would not mind, however I am a huge Batman fan and even I discover it to be tedious. But we’ve even obtained a younger Bruce Wayne in Gotham. In the last 5 years we have had three Alfreds (Caine, Irons & Pertwee) but only 1 Thor, Captain America, even The Hulk. brainiac t-shirt This form of thing will get complicated for the informal fan.

My solution is straightforward: Join the universes.
It is really easy to do, too. They have a universe-hopping car in the type of Gustin’s Flash. All they’d need to do is sooner or later in the course of the filming of Aquaman, simply movie a scene where Gustin is travelling between universes (for reasons) and he pops into Aquaman’s throne room. Gustin will get the laborious stare by Momoa, says something alongside the traces of “Whoops, flawed universe” after which speeds away. It adds continuity between the universes and explains why things could be so totally different between the two universes. It’d even be a decent cameo in Aquaman’s film. Conversely, they might simply get Momoa to seem on The Flash because out of the DCEU solid, I think he’d be the extra willing to make a Tv appearance than, say, Affleck.

Other than giving the movies to a special director (sorry Zack), hiring an exec who truly is aware of comedian books instead of a bunch of money-minded Yes Males to determine that what a director is selling is actually a decent story, doing a “Flashpoint” to reboot the whole DCEU universe (to explain why Batman is now not Affleck when he bows out) however preserving certain different actors of drug free shirt their respective roles (undoubtedly keep Gadot; she’s unimaginable as Surprise Woman) and sure other, extra obvious issues, by doing one thing as relatively easy as making a transparent hyperlink between the Tv shows and the cinematic universe would be a small, yet essential, step in the best route. Tie this shit together.

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