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World Book Day Youngsters Costume Concepts

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World Book Day Youngsters Costume Concepts
Updated on Could 16, 2014 Occasion Woman moreHi, I’m Adele, and I’ve run a big fancy gown shop in Essex, England since 1998. Glad to go on my data to assist others.

Contact Author Do your children take pleasure in dressing up for college
See leads to your opinion, do you think your children should gown up an excessive amount of for faculty

See results Do you know that Props n Frocks offers UK based faculties discount codes for fogeys return false;” />See results Need a Costume For World Book Day
The official date for World Guide Day 2014 is 6th March, though in fact some colleges and establishments might fluctuate their very own celebrations to suit their own curriculum or timetable of events.

On whatever day you’re reading this hub, it is rarely too early to start out planning (quite just like the carnival individuals who start working on subsequent 12 months’s costume as quickly as this 12 months’s occasion is over)The nearer the date you get, the more many dad and mom will rush about in a mad panic making an attempt to discover a costume for their youngsters, especially in case your little one forgets to say the need for one till the last minute: If your children are something like mine have been, chances are you’ll not have even been presented with a word, or if you are lucky, a crumpled notice may be discovered at the underside of their college bag – word the date NOW!

However, as you might be conscious the issues do not finish there.
You’ve got to choose a costume that may suffice as a e-book character

It must be suitable to be worn all day lengthy at school
It has to have a ‘cool’ look – particularly for boys, who will not recognize being dressed as Pinocchio at 10 years old!
Don’t panic, this hub gives you book characters and some ideas in your childrens’ World E-book Day Costumes.

Please remember that these World Guide Day Costume Concepts tend to be for Main School kids (UK) and not for older kids. In the intervening time there’s a hole within the marketplace for children aged 11 – 16 years: Kids’costumes are too small, or plain ‘uncool’ and the grownup costumes are just too big. That is one thing that we’re engaged on with varied manufacturers to try to fillthis hole, so watch this area! There are ‘crossover’ books such as Harry Potter or Narnia that are read by adults and kids and for which costumes exist, but then teenagers (or mother and father) don’t like paying grownup costs. Within the seek for the brand new ‘hot’ teenage franchise successor to Harry Potter and the like, the present leaders are arguably The Hunger Games and the more recent Divergent. There are some attention-grabbing ‘appears to be like’ concerned, however the mainstream merchandise market is sluggish to catch up.

Props n Frocks relies in Essex, England and in addition to an online shop, also has a fancy dress store that has been established since 1998. We work very exhausting to supply as much info as we can Free of cost to assist clients, new and old. Check out this web page when you want much more youngsters costume ideas for World E-book Day

Some ‘Cool’ Ladies Costumes
Women don’t appear to be as fussy about dressing up as boys and are usually quite glad to dress up as Red Riding Hood for instance. Nonetheless, we now have discovered that The Highschool Musical Costumes have been a giant hit with young girls and there are books out on Amazon in the mean time so they should be okay to make use of.

Different ‘Cool’ women costumes embrace:

Wonder Girl
Scarlett O’Hara

Some ‘Cool’ Boy Costumes
To be trustworthy, you can most likely choose any costume and find a guide that it could be linked to. With this in thoughts, I have included a few of the popular costumes that boys are likely to prefer to put on. You could argue that Superman, for instance comes from a comedian ‘e-book’!


Jack Sparrow

Darth Maul
Darth Vader

Obi Wan Kenobi

Do you know Childrens Costumes Will need to have The present CE Safety Standard Mark
If not, that is one thing you need to be aware of. Childrens fancy costume costumes comes beneath the EN71 standard. To elucidate this absolutely would take ages, however bascially it means that all childrens fancy costume costumes must have passed rigorous testing requirements. These checks include Flamability Z

You may also want to check out eBay to end up a costume…
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sendingnnnnnnnnnnnn three years in the past
Charlie three years in the past

I need to make a choice
Malisha three years in the past

hi im 12 and i’ve considered Matilda-have been a purple ribbon and pretty dress,
Lily Collins from mortal devices-put on a leather jacket ,black finger-much less gloves, black trousers/leggings and on the aspect-silver ring and black belt.

Anna three years in the past
Omg I don’t know what to be hhhhhheeelllllpppppp

lyra three years in the past
i’m proper good at designing clothes however this has helped m a lot, i get knocks on my door daily for me to make clothes. not simply costumes but any clothes, every day i get about 120 pounds.

kinkinkini765 four years ago

assist me i dont know who to be
u are nice 4 years in the past

hii i need help for e book dayyy what shall i beeeee I’ve a purple spotty gown but i dont know what story that’s fromm helpp me pleaseeee!!!!!

COOLKIDDO four years ago
I really need a e book character costume for world ebook day on Thursday and can’t actually resolve . I am a giant Jacqueline Wilson fan so that might assist.

I also know it is arduous to suppose of good ones so this is a few:
-Hermione Granger/ Harry Potter/Dumbledore/Voldemort

-Sleepovers associates (by JW)
-Anyone out of Little Darlings (by JW)

-Just William
-Horrid Henryv

– A series f unfortunate events
-Willy Wonka

-Mr/Mrs Twit
-Tracy Beaker (Jacqueline W)

freddie pinck 4 years in the past
i’m going as sno9wite an lllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllloooooooooooooopooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

Try this put up we’ve got arrange, it might assist you, and good luck!
As I’ve posted on some other peoples feedback, do that web page we’ve got arrange, it might enable you – Good luck!

Do that web page, we have now tried to provide as many e-book characters that we can think about……

lilly 4 years in the past
if you daughter gets a bff they’ll go as thing 1 and thing 2 from the cat in the hat

Sensible! We love folks such as you, keep dressing up and keep smiling!!!
Do that web page, we set it as much as provide you with much more book character concepts……

that’s actually nice when you have the time. Sadly most of us are operating round like headless chickens!

AuthorParty Lady 4 years in the past
Take a look at this information web page we’ve got arrange, it has so many costume concepts…

chloe four years in the past
I am 13 and i do not know what to wear i don’t wish to get embarresed my pals have chosen theirs it is this coming Friday!!!! I Need help PLEASE!!!!!!

Kate 4 years ago
Assist me i wish to look one of the best

Millie 4 years ago
Hahaha all these 10 12 months olds posting about being too previous for stupid costumes and me and my greatest good friend are 17 and going as thing 1 and thing 2

natasha 4 years in the past
i think finding a costume is difficult,I Need help FIMDING ONE Shortly.

Op shop 4 years in the past
Believe it or not I do know heaps of people who find complete out matches from the Salvation Army/op retailers

zahra four years ago
hello i must costume up as any book character however it must be a book ten be made right into a movie

evie 5 years ago
its world book day in school and i dont know what to gown up as please Assist ME ! thank you 🙂

Bethany 5 years in the past
I want a costume (quite easy however not frequent) for e-book week at school…It needs to be a book character (obviously)

I’m eleven btw…
phoebe 5 years in the past

hi i might recommend these
(mostly for ladies)

– princess
– angel

– vampire
– pipi longstockings

– hoola girl
– Cheerleader

– alice in wonderland
– college woman

– popstar
– supergirl


I don’t know what to put on I am thinking about pocahontas
What about a Gangster from Bugsy Malone, I know this isn’t strictly a ‘book’ but there have to be a e book written about it. all you’d have to do is purchase an affordable trilby hat.

Amanda 5 years ago
My 9 12 months previous desires to wear his suit for ebook week. Need help thinking of a good e-book character I might turn him into in his little go well with.

@@$#m! 5 years ago
i want to choose a good e book character for faculty, it’s a contest, and that i have to win it.

please Assist!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Zoe 5 years ago

louromano 5 years ago

Wonderful information. Thanks for sharing.

nono 5 years ago
what do costume up as i am black

Lily 5 years in the past
Hi my identify is Lily and im 11 years old i used to be considering of going as anime character (ya know loopy hair and vivid colored cothes)but maaaaaybe that is a tad a lot for college so i need concepts

Shen 5 years in the past
My daughters 11 and we are struggling to find something to wear what we could make at residence are you able to help me please

Emma 5 years ago
You would go as a spider,black clothes and tights full of newspaper caught on at the facet it is low cost and simple to do

Emily 5 years in the past
I have no idea of what I can go as…possibly I may go as Little Red Riding Hood or Implausible Mr Fox.

mm 5 years ago
is it potential to go as a vampire from twighlight

poop 5 years in the past
9 12 months outdated lady wants your help i haved nothing to costume as

EVE 5 years ago
WHAT Ought to I Put on FOR WORLD E book DAY It is ON THURSDAY AHHHH Assist

karen 5 years ago
wonderful outfit my little one would love to wear the first one for world guide day tomorrow

lucy 5 years ago
miss piggy is a good idea

Sadie 5 years ago
Cant think of an idea what do u placed on if you wish to go as daizy star Help please

Kid costume
🙂 5 years ago

Any concepts ! Teen girl costume
Flower 5 years in the past

i dunno what to put on help
received any ideas

Amy 5 years ago
Two twins in my class are going because the twins of double act

girly 5 years ago
omg i cant think of anything to the place!!!!!!

Neda Dousa 5 years ago
yo i hate dressing up it’s couples superhero shirts sooo boring however i should do it this friday (world book day)

allie 5 years in the past
i dont know

nnnnn 5 years in the past

chloe 5 years ago
i’m freaking out right now!

need a lots of help and only 2 days left

Isabelle 5 years in the past
Okay guys here r some ideas

Blue dress

White apron
Black/blue bow

White socks
Black shoes

Similar as Alice simply pink footwear
Naughty faculty girl

Faculty uniform messed uP
Alyx 5 years in the past

Hi thanks for all the nice concepts.I think i’d go as a st.trinian because i am 12 ans i do not really want to go as a princess or little child character.

if ur on the lookout for concepts here are some :

twins from st clares
pipi longstocking

malory towers
a personality from midsummer nights dream

dress up as ur-self then make just a little book about ur-self
hope these helped u 🙂

Rosi 5 years ago
I’m going as Pippi longstocking (but cheating in a way i will tie my hair in plaits and wear stripy tights)

you might additionally go as
– st trinians (extremely popular)

-alice in wonderland
-tracy beaker

-harry potter

i find it actually dificult and i really hate it these are a few i take advantage of to get away with wearing the least costume… hope it helps :)x

sharleen 5 years ago
i want to dress up as a oompa loompa

poppy 5 years in the past
hello im poppy i’m ten i want to go as the 3 little pigs with my friends molly and tabs. But I CANT Discover a COSTUME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

urrm 5 years ago
i haven’t any clue on what to dress up as so ummmm please gimme some ideas

rosie 5 years in the past

Help need a coustume in 3 days :-[
j a c okay 5 years in the past

just wear something funny
STUCK4IDEAS!!! 5 years ago

i CANT Think of AN Thought!!!!!! ANY Assist It is IN four DAYS
HANNAH 5 years ago

Eleanor 5 years ago

i believed thaat i could dress up as an individual from holes orange overalls,spade, toy lizard,rub sand on face. by the way ima girl aged eleven

well that is what imm gonna be
u could be a goddess

Camacazi from find out how to train your dragon
the tooth fairy

sherlock holmes-my bro is dressing up as him
John Watson

Cho Chang

a hobbit

hope that helps!

julie 5 years ago
hey,my daughter dressed up as Mary Poppins final year and gained!! Really simple to do…we went to second hand store and got a hat,sprayed it black,she wore an previous blouse of mine with a purple necktie,my mums previous black skirt and jacket and we put sugar on a spoon and wrapped it in clingfilm,she had a bottle of medicine in a carpet bag and carried an umbrella!! she was sensible!!

I go 2 downsbrook 5 years in the past
Oh I need help now cuz i have 2 dress up next week

jo 5 years in the past
i want am idea for my daughter for guide day she has to go as a personality from a charles dickens book

Massive SIS 5 years ago
Help! Any ideas for a five yr previous!

particular person 5 years in the past
ahhhhhhhhhhhh dunno what 2 wear!

AuthorParty Lady 5 years ago
Have you checked our web page stuffed with world E book Day costume ideas We have now plenty of inventory and hopefully you’ll discover something suitable for her. You may at all times call couples superhero shirts us on 01245 327156

smartie! 5 years ago
Help !! what can i be on world book day i want some iders i’ve these to assist u out if ur caught-

Wheres Wally


Factor 1 and Thing 2

Cat in the Hat

… Disney
Wizard of Wavley Locations


Toy Story

Three Bears
Huge Unhealthy Wolf

Unbelievable Mr Fox

Harry Potter Characters

jaquline wilson fan!! 5 years in the past

Hi i haven’t any ider what to gown up as on world guide day andits only some weeks away!!! i am a giant fan of Jaquline wilson book and wouldent mind going as- My sister jodie, Sweet floss, midnight (i forgot her title) the girls from the ebook slepover and go in ur pjs. i additionally like Vampire books like twilight and Vampire Diaries so i wouldent mind going as bella from twilight or Elena from vampire diares! Do u guys have any iders

Ps- this is one nobody has thought of yet Wheres Wally Characters you just have to get a stripy high blue denims 3D Glasses that you just get from the cinema and pop out the lens then black sneakers its chep and cherful LOL.

maryamm 5 years ago
help!help! i can’t find anything for my young daughter…..

Gabby 5 years in the past
Helpp! need a costume fast! maybe like a wizard of oz one

aaaa!! 5 years ago
aaaaaa!!!!! Book Character Day is tomorrow and my boys can’t resolve!!!!!!

masurah 5 years in the past
hey im a girl and i need assistance defenetley ot a princess i am a girly lady but additionally a om boy Help

ORYVIGB 5 years in the past
hello im 12 and at my school we r not allowed to go as st trinians and it has to be a well-known character however distinctive and i cant think of any thing!!!!!!! Help!!!!!

p.s.want to go as hermione however somebody already took it:-(
p.s.additionally it has to be a Book character.

abby 5 years ago
right i’m 11 and have some ideas one is have been regular clothes and be a muggle from harry potter, had been faculty clothes and be a st trinian and yes this can be a e-book, had been pajamas and be from the sleepover membership

Mum of four 5 years in the past
I’m going to costume my eight 12 months previous as Matilda: red hair ribbon, blue school costume, white socks, black shoes. Straightforward. Maybe a china confronted doll, books and some chocolates as equipment.

cherry2sweet 5 years ago
NO COSTUMES FOR ME AHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

Georgia. 5 years in the past
im 12 and on the lookout for a snow-white costume [dont ask] but i can only find costumes which might be too young for me or too outdated, Assist

siobhan 5 years in the past
im 11 and i think me and my mate are going as Oopa lumpas however you might go as…

a personality from twilight
a hundred and one dalmations (crulela or pups)

alice in wonderland
wizard of oz

btw as a result of yor aged 10 to 14 dont imply you cant go as one thing enjoyable i imply come on im eleven and being a Oopla lumpa it wil be such a LOL moment!!!

sharon 6 years in the past
we found some great costumes I like the lady costumes aspeshily

cutefunnybunny9 6 years ago

what about going as the saucepan man from the adventures of the faraway tree
T 6 years ago

whaaaaaa! 6 years in the past

this is silly the costume day is tomorrow its not like i’ve time to get my mum to buy all this i might fairly go in uniform! btw i am 10

bubbles 6 years ago
im ten i dont need to look like a child i meam who needs to be a prinsses at this age id relatively be a chesse sanwitch than a bit icle baby i’ve an concept we might be michail jacson hannah montanah or karate child

Alannah 6 years ago
Not what im looking however perhaps for other parties

but good web site!!!x
hi its me again.awesome thought get dressed as villain from 101 DALMATIONS

amy 6 years ago
i was scarecrow from dorthy of oz and that i won

😀 6 years ago
I wanted to go as Esmeralda from the Hunchback of Notre dame however I solely have a red gypsy style skirt I seem like a gypsy but not likely Esmeralda, another gypsy concepts

E 6 years in the past
All of those costumes are a bit babyish for me. I’m 12 and must costume up for school.

sal 6 years in the past
Love snow white, assume I would come as the Apple 😀

annabel 🙂 6 years ago
pippi longstocking,bert from mary poppins,nancy drew,little red riding hood,cat in the hat,wolverine (i dunno how but a person in my class is him),a witch factor 1 or factor 2 ,three little pigs or wolf,heidi,matilda harry potter,hermione granger,and so eleven and nancy drew.

i’ve obtained one other actually good idea in case your a girl costume up as the nice witch from wizard of oz however when you have a youthful brother or sister that goes to the identical college as you get them dressed as one of many munchkins…not solely will it’s a good suggestion however it will also be an lol second for parents,teachers and students

shanel 6 years ago
i have a 9 year old sister and that i had to help her with e-book week…im eleven and that i picked her to be like cinderella as a result of i noticed my mums wedding pettycoat in a box…so married lady with kids get out your pettycoats

I’ll Help! 6 years in the past
Hey guys, I’ve done these for years! If you are struggling I am going to get back to you ASAP! Don’t hesitate to ask!

summer season 6 years ago
not what i used to be looking for sorry 😉 x

AuthorParty Girl 6 years ago
Why not contact us and we will enable you to. We stock Alice In wonderland costumes for each adults and children. Go to the website for our contact details.

eimhear 6 years ago
where will I discover an alice in wonderland costume

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