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Superman / Shazam!: The Return Of The Black Adam (Blu-ray + Digital Copy)

Included in this special version bluray combo is the next : A DVD with the particular features included,Bluray with the special options and a digital copy of the movie to take it with you on the go! Shorts which might be on this are : Superman/Shazam Return of the Black Adam The Spectre Green Arrow Jonah Hex Special options consists of: *Bruce Timm’s picks : Jonah Hex-Showdown (from batman animated collection) The Spectra-The chill of the night time (from batman brave and the daring) Green Arrow-Initiation (from Justice league blue superman t shirt online india limited unlimited) Shazam-Clash (from Justice league limitless) *Commentary on four shorts by executive producer and key blue superman t shirt online india limited creative crew members blue superman t shirt online india limited *Batman brave and the bold trailer I needed to write down this as a assessment as a result of the data on the bluray does not point out the suitable info it DOES include a dvd copy as properly as the bluray and a digital Booster_Gold copy. As a fan of dc comics /superheros i need to get the most effective deal this is certainly the very best deal.I had a tough time looking for one that included a dvd to my surprise when opening it i noticed a dvd and bluray with a code for the digital copy. If you want dc superheros you’ll love this,Nice animation and great tales.

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